by brontosaurus

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released 02 December 2014

Written & Performed by Nicholas Kelley & Nicholas Papaleo
*bass on Safe To Surface performed by Bobby Lord

Recorded by Benjamin Balcolm & Nicholas Papaleo
at Minbal & Soapbox

Mixed by Nicholas Papaleo at Soapbox

Mastered by Carl Saff



all rights reserved


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brontosaurus Chicago, Illinois

sometimes pretty, sometimes eerie pop constructions. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources as well as their varied musical upbringing (NP classical/indie rock, NK metal/prog). Their debut LP owes as much to the sound and feel of Tin Pan Alley as it does to the Pacific Northwest of the late nineties. Brontosaurus runs the gamut - from sweeping grandeur to math-induced freak-outs. ... more

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Track Name: D Minor Threat
Apprehension, a tool i'll use to tease
Building tension, on multiple senses I'll seed
A catch & release with a snag by a snare, kick some sound through the air just to please

My intention, is to entertain
With inflection, coupled with physical strain
With hopes I’ll convey, in an effort to excuse ourselves as we get carried away

Liberation, a feat so few will reach
Toe the fine line, ‘cause ya don't need a parish to preach
A signal received, no choice but to comply when my feeds amplified I am freed

In summation, my present company
Plays a huge part in, symbiosis of sound born of rerouted energies
From filtered display, my transmission relayed

Act on an impulse
Clearly a conduit
Glaringly simple
I'm merely a medium

Postulate as I radiate
Acclimate as our counterweight
Track Name: Safe To Surface
Sound and sentiment
Dance under my breath
Save it hoping the wheels may maintain their spin
Say it hoping the wheels will maintain their spin

Steady now
Play it out

Voice don’t fail me now
Now that the heart has come around
Spoken the weight getting lost in the words you hear
Listen so the intention is crystal clear

Steady now
Play it out

Started slow
Cause I know the way down
Want you close
But at arms length I’m found
Id & ego
Deftly confound
Making fragments of intended sound

I can’t come clean
safe & sound hiding in melody
I can’t come clean
Track Name: Dry Run
Stay off the beaten path
So our soles can wear thin
Stay in tune with a touch
Every scent soaking in

From in front of the pack
A dry run for our kin
And we'll pass on this map
In impressions imprinted on skin

Wild & awake
Lengthen your stride.
Out in the open
Seems so innate
But when we arrive
Nothing is sacred

So start on the grass
And our teeth shed their skin
‘Cause a trail's just a track
Back to our origin

While I’m away
Lengthen your stride
Stay out in the open
Seems so innate
But as you arrive
The paradigm’s shifted
Track Name: So Brief
I'm falling backwards
I can see their eyes staring below
I watch someone whisper "oh no"
But they don't break a sound wave
In a world in a round grave
And I'll stay here where my head lies

Can't move my body
I came close but the signal was lost
My vocal chords are calling
But I can't make a sound wave
An echo of the old ways
And I'll stay here where my head lies

Feign on my face
shuffling through
celestial places
something askew obstructing my view

My eyes have lifted
sifting is through.
thoroughly processed back from the blue erased & renewed

In the wake of a sound wave
An echo of the old ways
And I'll stay here where my head lies