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Our Animal Ways

by brontosaurus

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Apprehension, a tool i'll use to tease Building tension, on multiple senses I'll seed A catch & release with a snag by a snare, kick some sound through the air just to please My intention, is to entertain With inflection, coupled with physical strain With hopes I’ll convey, in an effort to excuse ourselves as we get carried away Liberation, a feat so few will reach Toe the fine line, ‘cause ya don't need a parish to preach A signal received, no choice but to comply when my feeds amplified I am freed In summation, my present company Plays a huge part in, symbiosis of sound born of rerouted energies From filtered display, my transmission relayed Act on an impulse Clearly a conduit Glaringly simple I'm merely a medium Postulate as I radiate Acclimate as our counterweight
I’ll start rotting soon As being mortal can spoil the man I’ve left all my loose ends Tied them off with tired hands Having seen such suffering Nothing left to love or lose Boys you better make arrangements Raising flags won’t help contain this Represent Just rely on luck Don’t look up In these northwoods nights even the eyes corrupt Wave after to wave of brothers wave goodbye Dressed up to fight With a sturdy frame dragging a simple mind Outpour of pride Stem cell this tide Carbon Clones Stem from a dull design Dirty Drones Off an assembly line
Sound and sentiment Dance under my breath Save it hoping the wheels may maintain their spin Say it hoping the wheels will maintain their spin Steady now Play it out Voice don’t fail me now Now that the heart has come around Spoken the weight getting lost in the words you hear Listen so the intention is crystal clear Steady now Play it out Started slow Cause I know the way down Want you close But at arms length I’m found Id & ego Deftly confound Making fragments of intended sound I can’t come clean safe & sound hiding in melody
So Brief 04:27
I'm falling backwards I can see their eyes staring below I watch someone whisper "oh no" But they don't break a sound wave In a world in a round grave And I'll stay here where my head lies Can't move my body I came close but the signal was lost My vocal chords are calling But I can't make a sound wave An echo of the old ways And I'll stay here where my head lies Feign on my face shuffling through celestial places something askew obstructing my view My eyes have lifted sifting is through. thoroughly processed back from the blue erased & renewed In the wake of a sound wave An echo of the old ways And I'll stay here where my head lies
Wail and we might wake the dead Disrupt their final rest Hope for the burned not the blessed A tortured truth is best Now that we've brought back the dead Collective consciousness Interrogate who we get They're sure to know what's next Who are you? Cause I'd remember a song sung by so few to pull us back Right between the lies So let light between the lies The path the only the prize How dare you direct my dissonance Disrupting our hope to finally rest Burning breath Blackened lungs Wail having woke up the dead those cursed that never rest now that we're done breaking bread Hell knows who'll know what's next Right between the lies There's light between the lies The path the only the prize
Dry Run 04:33
Stay off the beaten path So our soles can wear thin Stay in tune with a touch Every scent soaking in From in front of the pack A dry run for our kin And we'll pass on this map In impressions imprinted on skin Wild & awake Lengthen your stride. Out in the open Seems so innate But when we arrive Nothing is sacred So start on the grass And our teeth shed their skin ‘Cause a trail's just a track Back to our origin While I’m away Lengthen your stride Stay out in the open Seems so innate But as you arrive The paradigm’s shifted
I started out on solid ground still anxious & digging in is hard to do on pavement But I need to root deep In soil & the sun I won't spend another numbered day in the dark Where everything that's anything but fleeting is a farce Days turn to years burning out like a light A constant stream of conscious beings more scared to live than die With shaky hands & growing needs So restless But shaking hands & showing teeth Is painless I know I need a new strategy So easy when I sing I still haven’t tried I won't spend another numbered day in the dark Where everything that's anything but fleeting is a farce Years turn and decades burn out like a light A steady stream of conscious beings all dying to make their mark
This stalemate just might make This paradises foundations shake In boots we thought we'd lace So tight and safe We will stomp forever around this place This cascade just can't explain A pheromone drones testosterone ways When symmetry persuades our animal ways We'll still dance together around this place This tirade still doesn't change The smell of sunshine burning right through our days Confidence decays on legacy legs We're still lost and running around this place This last stage such a common place Where bodies break down and our minds blow away My synapses would sing we're still firing away And here's to hoping that we float forever around this place


Comparing Brontosaurus to anything past or present is about as tough as transcribing some of their own constantly ­shifting suites. Here, the rhythm­gambling, tom­ heavy rumblings of indie ­rock elite such as Don Caballero or Dianogah rub elbows with the slightly mad­scientist guitar pop leanings of the New Pornographers, as well as intricate folk storytelling. No one particular mood stays past its welcome on O​ur Animal Ways,​but lyrically Kelley and Papaleo are clearly searching to get back ­to ­basics – by at least hundreds of years – or perhaps alerting listeners of a strangely beautiful, yet apocalyptic restart. Lines about “waiting for a carcass I can commandeer,” or hopes to “start rotting soon / as being mortal can spoil the man” come across more preparatory and poetic, rather than threatening, giving the rich musical accompaniment a solid venue to stand on, only adding to its mystery. Vice versa, when Kelley and Papaleo swap instruments – often several times – during the same song, it only assists the progress of the story at hand. Such a yin­ yang relationship artistically is rare, it's constantly taking us down new avenues.


released June 9, 2015

Written & Performed by Nicholas Kelley & Nicholas Papaleo
Bass on Safe To Surface performed by Bobby Lord
Recorded by Benjamin Balcolm & Nicholas Papaleo
Mixed by Nicholas Papaleo
Cover Art by Daniel Hojnacki


all rights reserved



brontosaurus Chicago, Illinois

strong melodies. sweeping grandeur. math-induced freak-outs. simple songs with complex moments. complex songs with simple moments.

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